FRINGE REVIEW – Ali Cook: Principles and Deceptions


Ali Cook is one of the best-known magicians at the Fringe.  With sell out shows last year and so far this year, we advise you to get a ticket fast – before they magically disappear. With ‘The Enchanter’ a cheesy, 70’s Cruise line magician warming up the crowd with an incredible levitation trick, followed by a fire box where he produced a glamorous assistant – Cook certainly got the crowd thinking how on earth does he do that?

Ali has named his show on his favourite magic book ‘Principles and Deceptions’ and is not just a magician but illusionist, comedian and mind reader – and with these skills he has all the attributes of a top class performer and he doesn’t disappoint.  His aim for the show is to include an example of every type of magic which was always going to be a tough ask, but one he demonstrated brilliantly.  The show itself uses all different props, and he creates miracles in front of the crowd’s eyes using everything from goldfish and coins to cards.

Lots of audience participation is involved, but all in a friendly manner. With a genuine gift for magic he astounds the crowd with each trick, and also has them laughing throughout – albeit at his terrible comedy.

The finale, which seems straightforward at first but builds up to a jaw-dropping conclusion, just messes with your mind and you’re left on a high wondering how it was even possible.

Cook is such a joker and an all round like-able guy with an amazing magic show that’s highly recommended from us.

By Elliot Bibby

Until 29th August 21:30  @ Gilded Balloon Teviot

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