FRINGE INTERVIEW – Lucie Jones and Aaron Sidwell, The Prodigals

Aaron Sidwell & Lucie Jones

Aaron Sidwell & Lucie Jones

Despite just getting over a summer cold, Lucie Jones is still full of energy.

“It’s hectic!” she says, speaking between rehearsals of The Prodigals, the new musical which she’s starring in at this year’s Fringe. “But I wouldn’t take on a job without taking it further – I want to prove myself.”

Lucie shot to fame as a finalist on the X-Factor, losing out in the last stage to Jedward. She had auditioned for the show several times, and was finally accepted just as she was offered a place at the Italia Conti Stage School in London.

“It broke my heart to have to choose,” she recalls. “I was at the judges’ house stage of the competition and had to make a decision as to whether to stick with it or go home.”

Of course, Lucie stuck with the X-Factor, becoming a star in the process.

“People think you get things handed to you on a plate,” she says. “You don’t. It can be very hard – yes, you have a following; but also a lot of people who want you to fail.”

After the pop talent show, Lucie has had the chance to return to one of her first loves, musical theatre, appearing in the West End as Cosette in Les Miserables. Now, she has been cast in The Prodigals, a new production from Joe Harmston and Ray Goudie.

“It’s a pop musical,” says Lucie. “So it’s like the two things I do combined; and I’m passionate about singing and performing. And there’s street dance in it too.”

“But I’m not cool, I can’t do street dance – I hope it goes well!”

Co-star Aaron Sidwell on the other hand seems to have found a new talent.

“Yes, there’s quite a lot of dancing I’ve never had experience of,” he says, “but I seem to have discovered a new comfort zone – it’s a new challenge; and I I think I’m doing it quite well.”

Like Lucie, Aaron has a background in musical theatre. Having joined the cast of Eastenders as Steven Beale when he was 18, he has now returned to his roots.

“I grew up in musical theatre and around music,” he says. “All my friends were starting bands and looking for people who could sing, so I got into that.”

“TV just happened – it was alien to me. So, when I left Eastenders, I started looking for musical theatre again.”

“I’m a big fan of modern musicals. This one’s an hour long; the story progresses so quick and my character has quite an emotional journey. It’s very high energy; the audience should love it.”

This is Lucie and Aaron’s first appearance at the Fringe.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” says Aaron, “but never had the time. My friends have told me a little about what to expect: but also that you won’t really know what it’s like til you get there.”

“Generally for all the cast, Edinburgh’s a new experience; but we’re all in it together.”

The Prodigals runs from 5-29 Aug at Gilded Balloon Teviot at 17:00. More details are on the Fringe website.

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