FRINGE INTERVIEW – Flawless at Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Flawless at the Edinburgh Fringe

When the mini-members of Edinburgh Spotlight met Flawless

Flawless are currently touring the UK with a spectacular dance show called “Intergalactic Dream”. Having the chance to interview them with the back-drop of the space-age architecture of Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh was a real treat for our junior Fringe reviewers, who were fresh from awarding  their Edinburgh Fringe show a well deserved 5 stars.

All ten of the Flawless members turned out this morning to meet our young reviewers, and were very approachable, professional in their approach and a real delight to meet.

The questions had been prepared by Helen (aged 13) and our our youngest reviewer Alex (aged 9) and were asked through a mixture of nervousness, excitement and whisperings of “I can’t believe I’m doing this”.

What inspired you to start dancing?

Michael Jackson was an influence, as were Beat Street and Break Dance, but the real inspiration definitely came first of all from our love of music.

Is there any one specifically who you base your dances on?

We don’t have any specific influence – we are really open to all styles, and have no limitations.   We want to create our own new styles.

Why do you come to the Edinburgh Fringe?

We had heard that there was a great atmosphere, and when started our stage shows last year we thought it would be good to start with smaller venue as we built up our experience. We loved last year so much, we just had to come back.

What do you do when you are here when you’re not on stage?

We chill out and rest between shows but are now determined to get out and do some shopping and sightseeing now that we’re settled in.

Going to the cinema is what we’ve been doing in this weather so far and if it ever stops we’d really like to get to Edinburgh Castle. [Our junior reviewers recommended a trip to the Vortex Tunnel at the Camera Obscura too, which the guys thought sounded fun!]

What is the most embarrassing thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Fans have camped out in the hotel lobby and have even got on to our tour bus. [Our junior reviewers suspected that there might have been another story as there was definitely an embarrassed giggle from one of the guys, but maybe it wasn’t a family story!]

What’s your favourite country to visit (besides Scotland)?

We loved visiting New York City in the USA, and Dubai, but a highlight has been going to Monaco where we got to perform and see the Grand Prix.

Flawless at Dynamic Earth

By this stage, our interviewers were more relaxed in their questioning since Flawless were so patient and Alex piped up: “I did street dance at school last year, can you give me any tips to get better?” to which he was advised to keep practiscing, reasearch different dance styles and above all, have fun.

Conversation soon turned to birthdays and Helen asked the Flawless boys what they did to celebrate theirs. “No matter what we’re doing, whether it be rehearsing or touring, it always involves cake!” Sounds like our idea of heaven, but then if we were burning as many calories as them each performance, we could eat lots of cake as well.

The tables were turned on our reviewers as Flawless wanted to know what our junior reviewers had enjoyed most in the show last night.

Helen informed them that hers was when the glove was used as the starting point for a Michael Jackson dance routine while Alex explained that he liked the bit where the coat sparked a dance inspired by the Matrix movie. We all had a good laugh when Mum said that she’d seen the black leather coat and thought “oh crikey, Ozzy Osborne – what’s coming next?”

Our reviewers

As the interview came to an end, the boys told us that after their Edinburgh Fringe run of shows, that their second movie Streetdance 2 will be coming out in March 2012. They’ll be continuing to tour up and down the country and keep thousands of fans happy in the process.

Flawless are:
Marlon “SWOOSH” Wallen
Allan “L.BOOGIE” Kabeja
Paul “STEADY” Steadman
Nathan “Neo” Gordon
Anthony “A.D.” Duncan
Leroy “FX” Dias  Dos Santos
Simon “SHOCK” Smith
Nathan “ODDEY” Kabs
Christian “BOUNCE” Alozie
Paul “BREAKER” Samuels


You can check out their official website, find Flawless on facebook and follow them on twitter.

Flawless: Intergalatic Dream is on at the Pleasance, Edinburgh until 29th August 2011. More information on the Fringe shows can be found here.

We would just like to thank Flawless for being so friendly and professional throughout all our encounters with them. Always full of smiles when meeting the audiences after their Edinburgh shows as well as endless autographs and photos. The Flawless boys are excellent role models for youngsters in the UK and beyond and we’ll certainly be firm fans for life.

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