REVIEW – It’s All In The Mind, Colin McLeod, Edinburgh Magic Festival


Colin Mcleod By Chiara Pannozzo

By Chiara Pannozzo

“I’m a Mentalist!”

Words said with confidence as Colin McLeod took a captivated audience through his spectacular show, ‘It’s All in the Mind’ at the Camera Obscura tonight. With a venue entirely fitting for this particular spectacle, the audience recoiled a little as Colin’s use of the word ‘mentalist’ has negative associations with those of us not particularly versed in the workings of the human mind.

But, as Colin went onto explain, his demonstration of the true meaning of this word resulted in a jaw dropping show, accompanied by resounding gasps as the audience were treated to an expert display of the marvels of the human mind.

As a mind reading specialist, Colin opened his show by using his skills to decipher what images members of the audience were contemplating. Focusing on one particular spectator, Colin clearly demonstrated his ability to tap into the human thought stream, and use subtle body language clues to sense what the other person was thinking. With the remainder of the audience clearly captivated, Colin proved his worth as he clearly replicated the imagery his volunteer had in mind.

Having firmly eradicated any sense of cynicism, the audience waited with bated breath for what they might see next. What followed was a series of mind reading tricks that ably demonstrated the talent of the young man in front of us.

Not content with being a highly accomplished mind reader, Colin also talked us through his fascination with the human mind and the impact it has on our daily lives. As an owner of ‘Tree of Knowledge’, a business which encourages organisations to look at the true power of mindset, Colin hones his skills as a motivational speaker, by delivering global presentations on the power of human thought processes.

We were fortunate enough to be treated to a number of tailored positive thinking strategies during Colin’s performance this evening. He engaged the audience by explaining the intricacies in the human thought process and how we can alter small, every day actions to create a more positive impact on our daily lives, leaving spectators eager to test drive these new found strategies.

This perfect balance of mind reading, teamed with tips on how to create a more positive mental outlook, was delivered with wit and humour. Not only were the audience intrigued by the techniques on display, they were also able to participate, as Colin didn’t limit audience participation to a chosen few, using the whole audience in a number of mind reading experiments.

This investment was certainly worthwhile and made for a thoroughly entertaining show. Combined with Colin’s excellent delivery skills, and strokes of comedy, this particular show left me feeling that I had just found the ideal way to spend a Thursday night.

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