FRINGE PREVIEW: The Great Brain Robbery

The Great Brain Robbery

The Great Brain Robbery

Although the streets of Edinburgh may be paved with flyers in August instead of gold, the draw of the Fringe can be irresistible. Each year, hundreds of groups make their debut trip, hoping for fame, fortune – or at the very least to recover their costs.

“It started as a fun aside from normal life,” says Neil, from sketch group The Great Brain Robbery. “We’re a group of teachers and filmmakers; we’ve gone back to the kind of thing we used to do at college.”

“People then saw our sketches and like them, then told us if we were serious about it we should take the show to Edinburgh.”

“It sometimes feels as if the last seven years has been leading up to this,” he says, “and we’re all really excited to be doing it.”

The Great Brain Robbery is a traditional sketch based comedy show.

“It’s about getting in, setting up the gag, sticking a wig on, delivering the punchline, then moving on to the next one,” says Neil. “There are no threads throughout the show; no self-referential bits.”

“We’re mainly doing the sort of thing we like ourselves. There are five of us involved, and we all love things like The Fast Show – the fun of putting on silly wigs and a pair of glasses!”

Neil and a colleague ran a successful film festival in their hometown of Luton; and therefore are familiar with the festival scene.

“We’re touring a short film at the moment, so our Edinburgh run is only for a week due to time constraints with that,” he says. “And some of us have been to the Fringe before, so we’re fully aware of what’s going to greet us!”

“I think one of the best things about Edinburgh is that it still feels like a festival,” he adds. “Unlike some of the other ones I’ve been to and had involvement with – the Fringe still retains its edge.”

You can see Neil and the rest of The Great Brain Robbery – complete with silly wigs and glasses – at Just The Tonic at the Caves from 21-28 Aug at 13:45. More details are on the Fringe website.

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