FRINGE PREVIEW – The Girl With The Iron Claws

The Girl With The Iron Claws

The Girl With The Iron Claws

The Wrong Crowd is a theatre company with a mission to create visual, imaginative and playful theatre which is as much for adults as it is for anyone.

“We’re about reclaiming aspects of theatre which have traditionally been viewed as for children,” says Hannah Mulder, writer and director of The Girl With The Iron Claws, The Wrong Crowd’s first production.

“To remind people why it’s worth coming to see live theatre: with music, physical theatre and storytelling – the kind of storytelling of old tales before the Victorians got their hands on them!”

And, of course, puppetry. Hannah formed The Wrong Crowd with Rachael Canning, a skilled puppet designer who has previously worked on productions such as The Three Musketeers & The Princess Of Spain.

“I see puppetry always being an aspect of our work,” Hannah continues. “I absolutely love puppets – they have such a magic – and when I saw some of Rachael’s work I knew we had to work together.”

“When we eventually got together after a few abortive attempts at meeting, I asked her if she wanted to start a company. It turned out she was also going to ask me the exact same thing!”

The Girl With The Iron Claws is The Wrong Crowd’s retelling of an ancient Norse myth, brought to life by live actors and puppets of varying sizes.

“I hope they don’t steal the show!” laughs Hannah. “We’re telling an epic story in a fairly small space, so we play around with size and scale – from the White Bear character, which is just really a head and a claw; to our Troll Queen, which takes three puppeteers to operate.”

Hannah attended university at Edinburgh, and spent three of her five summers there watching as many Fringe shows as she could.

“I’ve never had a show there before,” she says, “but we’re looking forward to it a lot. And we’re already drawing up our 5 and 10 year plans!”

You can see The Wrong Crowd bring the tale of The Girl With The Iron Claws to life at the Underbelly from 4-28 Aug at 13:35.

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