FRINGE PREVIEW – The Curse Of Miss Fortune

The Curse of Miss Fortune

The Curse of Miss Fortune

“It’s a hybrid of a play,” says Michael Starr, playwright of The Curse Of Miss Fortune. “I’ve taken 70s British innunendo, a drip of film noir and mixed it into a big bowl with cheesy 80s B-movie magic.”

Perhaps Confessions Of A Private Dick could be an alternative title…

“It’s got the classic seductive femme fatale,” he continues. “Miss Fortune is a mysterious figure; a puppeteer controlling the fate of the other characters.”

“We’re hoping to stage it in monochrome,” he says, “with the props in colour – including the red pig…”

The Curse of Miss Fortune is previewing in London and Bristol, then will be receiving its Fringe debut in August.

“We’re very happy and excited,” says Michael. “I’ve visited Edinburgh a couple of times during the Fringe, but this will be my first time there as a writer.”

“One of the cast has been there before too. So we’re expecting utter chaos!”

“I think the ins and outs at the venue will be our biggest challenge,” he continues. “We’ve had to cut the play slightly to fit – but we’ve prepped as much as we can.”

“And we’re mentally prepared to be flexible – and enjoy the atmosphere!”

The Curse Of Miss Fortune is also the debut show from Michael’s company, The Fringe Files.

“I set it up in January this year,” he says. “It’s intended as a showcase for my playwriting work, but it’s not necessarily just me. I’d like to develop it into an organisation. But it’s early days – it was all just set up within a few days!”

Michael understands the power and potential of being able to use the likes of Twitter for promotion.

“I’ve embraced social networking,” he says. “It’s not just about plugging the show, however. It’s a great way to learn from others and to connect with people in a similar situation. And it’s great how we all support each other.”

You can follow Michael on Twitter at @michaelstarr as he and the rest of the cast & crew of The Curse Of Miss Fortune get ready for the ‘utter chaos’ of their very first Fringe adventure.

The Curse Of Miss Fortune is at theSpaces @ Surgeons Hall from 9-13 August at 15:10. More details are on the Fringe website.

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