FRINGE PREVIEW – Suitcase Royale in Zombatland

Suitcase Royale in Zombatland

Suitcase Royale in Zombatland

Australian comedy group The Suitcase Royal have been described as ‘Tom Waits meets The Mighty Boosh’ – and, as their new Fringe show is a twisted musical tale of zombie wombats in the outback, this seems to be as good a description as any…Miles from The Suitcase Royale reveals a little bit more.

Tell us a little bit about your show – where’s it happening, what’s it about, why should people come to see it?

It’s on in the Pleasance Two in the courtyard at 11:10pm every night. It’s about an Australian caravan park that has been ripped to pieces by mutated wombats. 

It’s gonna be a wild ride. I’m not sure people should come and see it, I don’t know if they are really for this much hilarity, this much kickassness, this much party.

I’m not sure, I worry we are going to break people…plus we have a crumpet gun. It’s a gun, that shoots crumpets.

What are you most looking forward to about coming back to Edinburgh?

Visiting The Sandy Bells. a proper little Scot drinking hole with good pints, people, music and enough cheap good scotch to carry me home good an happy

What’s been your favourite / funniest Edinburgh Fringe experience so far?

Meeting Bill Shit, a local at the Sandy, who pinned me and my girlfriend to the bar for an evening and told us that many hilarious stories, I laughed so much I cried and I cried so much that the whiskey I was drinking started coming out my eyes

If money was no object, what publicity stunt would you do to promote your show?

Build a blimp with ropes hanging from it and at the end of every rope is a check for a million dollars and halfway up the rope is a check to 2 million dollars and if you can climb all the way to the top of the rope and get into the blimp, we will be there doing the show inside and only the people who could climb the rope will be able to see the show. There will also be a wheelchair access. Oh and after every show there is a party where a different brilliant band plays and everybody gets a check for a million dollars.

Who else are you planning or hoping to see?

My friends Dan and Elisa. Elisa is a Scot and Dan is from Australia. They were married in Sydney last year and are coming back to Edinburgh for a second wedding, Scotland style.

What do you have planned for after the Fringe?

Heading to the Brisbane Festival and a week or so swimming on the Great Barrier Reef, it’s a tough gig innit.

Sum up your show in three words for us


Suitcase Royale in Zombatland runs from 3-28 Aug (not 16) at 23:10 at the Pleasance Courtyard. More details are on the Fringe website.

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