FRINGE PREVIEW: Steve Gribbin – Laugh At First Sight

Steve Gribbin

Steve Gribbin is bringing his show Laugh At First Sight to Edinburgh this August. We’ve taken a sneak peak into his ‘diary’ to see how he’s feeling about performing in a week’s time.

Fringe thoughts by Steve Gribbin:

My last Fringe was in 1999, when the world and their significant other were worrying about The Millennium Bug and the Kosovo War; now we’re fretting about News International bugs and the Libyan War.

But then comics are truly The Worrier Kings of Entertainment… Anxiety is the default background music in every comedian’s mind at The Fringe Festival.

So, as I am packing my suitcase for the Festival, I shall also be bringing loads of niggles and doubts…is my show ready? What if I forget a crucial section and end up ad-libbing a disastrous riff on disabled orphans from Rwanda? What if I end up playing to two people and a dog, and the dog ends up writing a review so catastrophically bad that no-one ever comes to one of my shows for the rest of my career?

Then there are fears associated with the socialising aspect of the Festival…will I need a new liver/spleen/colon? And if I end up hospitalized, can I get a good show out of it next year?

And if I do, will the dog turn up again, hell-bent on destroying me with another hatchet job?

As my old Nan used to say: “It’s no use in worrying, because we’ll all be dead in a hundred years”, which is why she was asked to leave The Samaritans.

You can catch Steve’s show  ‘Laugh At First Sight’ from 5-28 August (not 15th) at Stand Two at 7.00pm. More details on The Stand’s website.

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