FRINGE PREVIEW – Steve Day: Run, deaf boy, Run

Steve Day

Steve Day is bringing his show Run, deaf boy, Run to Edinburgh this August. We’ve taken a sneak peak into his ‘diary’ to see how he’s feeling about performing in a week’s time.

Fringe thoughts by Steve Day:

This will be the ninth time I have come to the Fringe, and like any year I’m nervous and excited and apprehensive all at the same time.

This year feels different, though. It’s my sixth full length show and it feels like the best thing I’ve ever done. Running the marathon was very hard, the show much easier. Some shows are hard to tie together, thematically, and bits seemed shoe-horned in, but this one comes straight from the heart and there are no compromises to try to get laughs.

I’m aware that time marches on and there might not be that many opportunities to do the Fringe in the future, this in some ways feels like my last chance. That ties in with the spirit of my show, it was my last chance to run the marathon, if I hadn’t done it this year there was no going back. You’ll have to see the show to find out what happened!

I will miss my family terribly, I know that, and as I’m teetotal and find talking to people informally a bit trying, I’m hardly a party animal. Edinburgh for me is just about the show.

Run, deaf boy, Run’ runs from 5-28 August (not 15th) at Stand Two at 1.10pm. More details can be found on The Stand’s website.

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