FRINGE PREVIEW – Shakespeare’s Monkeys

Under Dogs - Shakespeare's Monkeys

Under Dogs - Shakespeare's Monkeys

“It’s like therapy!” says Kate. “We’re both classically trained and have a love of the classics.”

“We started off doing stand-up,” says Shae, the other half of Under Dogs, who are bringing their irreverent take on the Bard to Edinburgh this year with Shakespeare’s Monkeys. “Then when we decided to do sketch comedy, we immediately turned to Shakespeare for inspiration.”

“Macbeth with spoons instead of daggers; the cleaner who has to clear up the mess after the end of Hamlet; witches with Powerpoint – that kind of thing.”

“Nobody expects it to be what it’s going to be like,” says Kate. “It’s very high energy.”

“It’s actually better than Shakespeare!” laughs Shae.

The girls met three years ago, and – of course – took an immediate dislike to each other. Fortunately, that’s all changed now and together as Under Dogs they are bringing Shakespeare’s Monkeys up to Edinburgh for a full run.

“We love making fun of the material,” says Kate. “It’s exciting for us too – we enjoy giving a good performance, then bungling it up – on purpose of course!”

“The purists love it,” says Shae, “Shakespeare wrote for the common person back in those times, so we think we’re striking a chord!”

As for Edinburgh, the girls have the usual expectations and hopes.

“We’re expecting fame, fortune and a lot of money,” says Kate.

“And a tour bus with our faces on the side,” adds Shae. “That’d be awesome.”

“Really, though, we just want to get through it all without a hangover…”

“And sell some CDs,” says Kate. “Remember to mention we’ll be selling CDs.”

“With the hit tunes ‘Out Vile Jelly’ from King Lear,” says Shae, “‘I’m Not Wearing A Nightgown’ from Macbeth – and of course ‘Not that Cup you Silly B***h‘ from Hamlet.

Shakespeare’s Monkeys will be typing away on their infinite number of typewriters at the The Three Sisters from 7-28 Aug at 12:15 as part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival. More details are on the Fringe website.

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