FRINGE PREVIEW – Pistol & Jack: Smash.Glam.Sex.Music

Pistol & Jack: Smash.Glam.Sex.Music

Pistol & Jack: Smash.Glam.Sex.Music

“God gave us a gift,” says Pistol. “And we need to share it with us many people as possible.”

“Ideally women,” adds Jack.

“And we thought Edinburgh was the ideal way,” Pistol continues. “What better way than playing to average audiences of around four people?”

Together, the American pop princess and Cockney rebel rocker are Pistol & Jack, blending together their own styles of music in the only way they know how.

“Our story’s inspirational,” says Pistol. “I was performing in a competition in California, when my fellow musician died of an overdose. Fortunately Jack here stepped in.”

“Though I only know rock,” he says.

And that – according to Pistol – is when the magic happened.

“We don’t really listen to each other’s type of music,” she says.

“Yeah,” says Jack. “I don’t listen to all the crap she listens to like that Beyonce.”

“To be fair,” his co-star says, “it’s not crap like Beyonce I listen to. I like Justin Bieber too.”

Pistol & Jack had their first taste of the Edinburgh Fringe last year.

“Though we never really meant to come,” says Jack. “I started following a girl in uniform at King’s Cross, then next thing we knew we were stepping off a train at somewhere called Waverley.”

“We were lucky though,” adds Pistol. “There was quite a lot going on at the time, so we thought we might as well play a few gigs.”

This year, they’re back with an intentional vengeance with their show at Assembly George Square, Smash.Glam.Sex.Music.

“The title explains everything about why you’d want to come,” says Pistol. “We want to bring our music into people’s lives, presented in a new way.”

“To as many women as possible,” says Jack. “We’d also like to instigate a giant street party whilst we’re up – handing out absinthe in the street instead of flyers.”

“We’re following a two-step business model,” he continues. “Hit Edinburgh, then hit the big time.”

“Headlining Glastonbury, Christmas number one, that kind of thing,” says PIstol.

“And I think it’s time there was another reality show on television,” she says. “All about us, of course.”

You have the chance to catch Pistol & Jack before they reach megastardom at Assembly George Square from 3-28 Aug (not 16 & 23) at 21:20. More details are on the Fringe website.

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