FRINGE PREVIEW – Piff The Magic Dragon: Last of the Magic Dragons

Piff The Magic Dragon (and Mr Piffles)

Piff The Magic Dragon (and Mr Piffles)

“Mr Piffles will be working hard this year,” says Piff The Magic Dragon, referring to his little canine sidekick.

“He’ll be doing card tricks, reading minds and performing a rope trick.”

“The show’s like a buddy movie,” he says. “Like Lethal Weapon. With a dragon and a chihuahua.”

Piff (and Mr Piffles) have had a meteoric rise since first appearing in the free Fringe in 2009.

“The show broke records that year,” says Piff. “It was packed out every night. Then in 2010, I returned with the levitating Mr Piffles and ended up in many top picks of the Fringe. It was a lot of fun.”

Originally, this year’s show was going to be a ‘best of’, but then Piff realised he had enough material for a completely new show.

“It’s about me getting over my ex-wife,” says Piff. “I’m now a non-smoking, non-drinking dragon and I’m searching for a new princess – helped and hindered my Mr Piffles along the way.”

Piff’s co-star actually joined him during his Edinburgh run last year.

“A girl in the audience one night had a chihuahua,” he recalls. “And I thought – I must get one of them.”

“So I went to a rescue home in Dundee – and found Mr Piffles. He’s a great dog; though sneaking him in and out of hotel rooms can be a challenge…”

This year, as well as performing in his own show, Piff will be appearing in guest spots, including some at cabaret show Kitty Cointreau’s BraHaHa. Piff’s own show – The Last Of The Magic Dragons – is also listed within the new Cabaret section of the Fringe programme.

“I don’t really think of myself as being in any one pigeonhole,” says Piff. “Though I do like cabaret audiences – they’re more up for it, generally. Though of course, Edinburgh audiences always are!”

“The Fringe is my favourite place to perform. Edinburgh seems to have taken the show to heart; and it’s the only city outside London where I’d actually consider living.”

So who knows? If you’re an Edinburgh resident, one morning you may wake up and find out your new neighbour is a magic dragon. With a chihuahua.

Piff the Magic Dragon will be performing ‘Last of the Magic Dragons’ at Just the Tonic’s The Store throughout the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 4th-28th August. For more information and tickets see

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