FRINGE PREVIEW – Michael J Dolan: Dress To Depress

Michael J Dolan: Dress to Depress

Michael J Dolan: Dress to Depress

Most people are happy to come up to Edinburgh during the Fringe. Most people. However, if Michael J Dolan was happy, he wouldn’t have show…

Tell us a little bit about your show – where’s it happening, what’s it about, why should people come to see it?

My show is called Dress to Depress, it is at the White Horse on Canongate and it is about the torment of adult life, the bottomless misery, the non-stop cavalcade of disappointment that comes with being a grown-up. There have been far too many shows about happiness and love and inclusiveness and all that horrible s**t of late. Enough. This is about hate. And you should come and see it because it is free and not that long.

What are you expecting from the Edinburgh Fringe?

Weather, exhaustion, tears, too much fast food. I have been before.

What are you most looking forward to about coming back to Edinburgh?

The Wee Hut outside the Gilded Balloon. Spectacular German hot dogs. I will have at least one a day for the whole month. If that little sausage selling shack isn’t there this year for any reason I will be forced to destroy the city.

What’s been your favourite / funniest Edinburgh Fringe experience so far?

The very first Fringe I attended. Myself and one of my friends arrived, we were spending just two nights in town, neither of us were in shows we just came to watch stuff. Within four hours of parking my car we had spent every penny we had on vodka and then spent the next 48 hours dreadfully hungover, too broke to see a single show, scouring the city for friends and relatives to bum petrol money off.

If money was no object, what publicity stunt would you do to promote your show?

Broadcast the show every day via webcam from Cuba. Or buy every ticket for every other show in town so that mine was the only one that wasn’t totally sold out and then people would have to come and see it.

Who else are you planning or hoping to see?

Shows I refuse to miss are Lili La Scala who does old timey songs. She is an incredibly talented young lady and her show last year was, frankly, a blessed relief from all the comedy.

My day off will be spent seeing Paul Daniels, whatever you think of him as a man he used to blow my mind when I was growing up. Can’t wait.

Comedy wise, looking forward to seeing Hannibal Buress, comedy nerds will already have his CD burnt into their memories, excited to see him in the flesh.

What do you have planned for after the Fringe?

Probably have to get a job.

Sum up your show in three words for us:

Pointless without audience.

Dress to Depress is at Laughing Horse @ The White Horse from 4-28 Aug at 18:10. More details are on the Fringe website.

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