FRINGE PREVIEW – Lee Camp is: Yet Another American Mistake

Lee Camp

Lee Camp is bringing his show Lee Camp is: Yet Another American Mistake to Edinburgh this August. We’ve taken a sneak peak into his ‘diary’ to see how he’s feeling making his debut.

Fringe thoughts by Lee Camp:

On the first day I arrive in Scotland from New York, I’m getting into a f**king shark tank. I’ve been telling several people that when they ask whether I’m excited to have a full run at the Fringe this year. They usually respond, “Oh really? So it’s going to be kind of intense?”  They don’t realize at first that I mean I’m LITERALLY getting into a shark tank. Deep Sea World asked whether some comics performing at the Stand this year would like to go swimming with sharks, and I was one of several that volunteered. I figured it was a good way to start my run at the Fringe because how can there be a tougher audience than that for my first day? If I can make the sharks laugh, or at least not eat any of my vital organs, then the other audiences I face should be a god damn walk in the park.

This will be my first solo show at the Fringe, and I’m f**king thrilled. I came for two weeks last year, but all that did was give me a taste for blood- a taste I couldn’t forget.

Nothing else compares to this festival for a performer. Sure, there are days that are heartbreaking – but even the people I know who did not get everything they wanted out of their experience, they still ache to return. That’s how alive, vibrant, and god damn fun the Fringe is. It’s like a festival combined with a war. Many of us dive in, not all of us come out, but even those who return home missing some limbs ask when they get to come back.

Lee Camp is: Yet Another American Mistake Stand 4, 5-28 August (not 15th), 11.45pm – more details can be found on The Stand’s website.

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