FRINGE PREVIEW – Juliet Meyers: I’m Not Spartacus!

Juliet Meyers: I'm Not Spartacus!

Juliet Meyers: I'm Not Spartacus!

“I’m middle aged, (according to some reviewers), I’m articulate, so I should be able to change the world!”

“But I’m a bit too procrastinatey…”

That’s the premise behind stand-up Juliet Meyers’ I’m Not Spartacus!, her new solo stand-up show at the Fringe. In it, she addresses such thorny issues as whether protesting is worth the bother; if – like Spartacus and friends – she would ever lay down her own life for another; and why she secretly hoped her dad would get tazered at San Francisco airport…

“It’s about caring about the world,” she says, “then having to decide what you’re actually going to do about it.”

Juliet has appeared at the Fringe before with her cerebral yet quirky style of comedy and has also written for 8 Out of 10 Cats and Newsquiz.

“I love Edinburgh during the Fringe,” she says. “It’s so packed and busy – though I always spare a thought for the locals whose city is swamped and must sometimes just think ‘ok, enough!'”

“I saw a local guy at an ATM totally lose it when the machine ran out of cash and he shouted ‘why don’t you all sod off home! – I saw his point…’

“I’ve been there as a punter and a performer. I love doing my show, but also seeing some of the other acts. And I always end up sharing a flat with other performers and staying somewhere which turns out to be nicer than my own flat in London!”

“Like many others, I’m there to get noticed,” she says, “but I’m happy with my show, so I’m there to enjoy it too.”

“And anyway, the Fringe is special, with its own rules. For some reason when I’m there, I always feel like I can eat as many chips as I like for an entire month and get away with it!”

Juliet Meyers: I’m Not Spartacus! runs from 4-28 Aug at Just The Tonic @ The Store at 17:40. More details are on the Fringe website.

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