FRINGE PREVIEW – Jay Foreman: We’re Living In The Future

Jay Foreman: We're Living In The Future

Jay Foreman: We're Living In The Future

“I realised the 90s are now as long ago as the 70s were in the 90s,” says musical comedian Jay Foreman.

“And I can’t be the only person to find that scary.”

Jay’s show – We’re Living In The Future – features an hour of his original comic songs, which look at whether living in the here and now is all that it was cracked up to be. Featuring songs covering such topics as playing real-life Angry Birds and the ins and outs of text etiquette, this is as much a show for those with tech-fatigue is it is one for the YouTube generation.

Talking of the ‘Tube, Jay has become something of a cult hit there, where his song Moon Chavs went viral.

“I wrote it when the word was new,” he says, “and it deals with how hilarious it would be if all chavs were sent to the moon.”

“Then it kind of backfired, and now there’s hundreds of versions of it on YouTube. including one of school kids singing it on the bus!”

Jay has always performed as a musician, starting off on the folk scene.

“I never saw the act as comedy until recently,” he says. “At the Fringe, I’ve appeared in guest spots and two-handers over the years, but then had my first solo comedy show last year, which was successful.”

He’s also collaborated with his brother, the successful beatboxer and Fringe favourite, Beardyman.

“I played with him at his show in the Udderbelly,” says Jay. “And he also guests on my album, Twenty Songs.”

“Edinburgh’s fantastic,” he says. “No matter what stage of your career you’re at, there’s something for everyone. I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else in August.”

“Though it’s consuming my life at the moment – I haven’t thought of anything past August 30th!”

Jay Foreman will be performing his show We’re Living In The Future at the Underbelly throught the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 4th-28th August. For more information and tickets see

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