FRINGE PREVIEW: Dave Fulton – Based on a True Story

Dave Fulton

Dave Fulton is bringing his show Based on a True Story to Edinburgh this August. We’ve taken a sneak peak into his ‘diary’ to see how he’s feeling about performing in a week’s time.

Fringe thoughts by Dave Fulton:

For some, looking at the commitment of performing for a full month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is like looking forward to someone swinging a baseball bat at your face. You agreed to it months ago and now that it’s about to happen all you can do is try and convince yourself that it won’t hurt too much and you’ll be better for experiencing it.

In theory the fringe is a really great thing for any performer to do. It’s a month in one place doing pretty much the same show night after night till by the end of the run its duck fart tight. For me it’s a chance to work on the long form of what I enjoy doing and to make light of some not so light moments from my past. A chance to expound on stories that may be too involved and full of fun detail to go into in a club situation but can now be rolled around in like a dog with dirty socks.

Unfortunately the reality of it is it can be very expensive to put on a show and the people that don’t need to sell out do. You could arrive with the show of your life but if you’ve never been to the Fringe or you’re not known from something you subjected yourself and others to on television recently you could be screwed.

So why do it and why come back again and again? Because there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world. There’s an unpredictability you can only get when you see something live. It’s a moment that can never be captured by watching it on television no matter how many people might be in the audience and at the Fringe your chances that something like this might happen are almost limitless.

My goals for this Fringe are unrealistic. I’m hoping for that at least 20 people a night will come to my show. I’m looking forward to seeing someone or something present something that makes me walk out after and want to tell everyone they’re idiots if they miss what I just witnessed.

Finally I’m planning to do my level best to track down the last remaining bottle of 17 year old Ardbeg single malt whisky and share it with people who up until then thought they knew what Scotland was all about.

Dave Fulton Based on a True Story – from 5-28 August (not 15th) at Stand Five at 11.20pm. More information on The Stand’s website.
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