FRINGE PREVIEW: Christmas For Two: Friends With You

Christmas For Two: Friends With You

Christmas For Two: Friends With You

Sarah Campbell and Amy Hoggart are Christmas For Two – charming, inappropriate and sexypots (it says here). We asked them to tell us a little about their new sketch show, Friends With You.

Tell us a little bit about your show – where’s it happening, what’s it about, why should people come to see it?

It’s called “Christmas For Two: Friends With You” and it’s on at 16.55 at Just The Tonic at The Caves. It’s a sketch show so it’s about lots of different stuff, like jobs and children and Fish Monday. People should come to see it because it’s a proper fringe experience – it’s as odd as it is funny.

What are you expecting from the Edinburgh Fringe?

A MOBO Award and a residency in a Vegas casino. Like Siegfried and Roy.

3. What’s been your strangest experience performing the show so far?

We had to perform in a posh clothes shop in West London. In the middle of the day. People were shopping and looking at their hair in mirrors, and definitely not expecting comedy. We had to stand on leather cubes to be seen and shout really loudly. We took revenge on the misguided booker by telling people repeatedly that they could take anything they wanted, giving them cardigans and telling them to run.

If money was no object, what publicity stunt would you do to promote your show?

We’d get some disadvantaged schoolchildren to make the world’s largest ever flyer (like football pitch-sized) and then they’d carry it through the streets of Edinburgh, stop an old lady and give it to her.

Who else are you planning or hoping to see?

All the funny, clever shows with jazzy stunts and nudity.

What do you have planned for after the Fringe?

Prepping for Vegas – Sewing our costumes and training the tigers.

Sum up your show in three words for us 

Oohh hey!

You can catch the charming and inappropriate Christmas For Two: Friends With You at Just The Tonic at The Caves from 4-28 Aug (not 17) at 16:55. More details are on the Fringe website.

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