FRINGE PREVIEW – Battle of Britain: North vs South

Battle of Britain: North vs South

Battle of Britain: North vs South

Finally, the centuries-old debate as to whether the south of England is better than the north will be decided. Even if you’re not English.

“We’ve got a failsafe way of making sure everyone’s either from one or the other,” says Charlie Talbot, one half of the comedy duo behind The Battle of Britain: North Vs South. “Even for people who aren’t from the UK.”

“For instance, everyone Scottish from outside Edinburgh will be North,” he says, “with all the city residents being South.”

We’re not 100% sure of that, but we’ll let him off…

Especially as the show, which he performs with fellow comedian Dave Gibson, sounds as though it’ll be a lot of fun.

“It’s much more of a gameshow format this year,” says Charlie. “With a music round, a food round and a different winner each time. We’ll keep a tally as the Fringe goes on, and release the definitive answer of who’s best at the end.”

Both Charlie and Dave have been up at the Fringe before.

“It’s my fourth time,” says Charlie. “I’ve been with two solo shows before; and Dave is back again with a new Ray Green show.”

“But in The Battle of Britain, I’m pretending to be the arrogant southerner; and Dave’s the bumbling idiot for up north.”

But in real life, the two are really the best of friends.

“We’ll be sharing a flat when we’re up in Edinburgh,” says Charlie. “It’ll be just like Morecambe & Wise.”

You can choose your side (or have it chosen for you) at the Underbelly from 4-28 Aug at 17:00. For more information and tickets see

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