FRINGE PREVIEW – Bad Bread: TV Times

Bad Bread: TV Times

Bad Bread: TV Times

“We’re staggered and bemused as to why we’re not already on TV. We don’t care about the audience: this show’s just a pitch for producers. It’s a showcase for our entire range and versatility – comedy and tragedy.”

Tom from sketch trio Bad Bread is talking – fortunately with his tongue so firmly in his cheek that we can hardly make out his words – about TV Times, their new show and third appearance at the Fringe.

“We did 8 shows two years ago,” he says, “followed by a full run at the Underbelly last year. And this year we’re back with a show featuring some of our takes on our TV favourites: like the Teletubbies in the style of Tarantino; or Bob the Builder meets Eastenders.”

Tom met fellow Bad Bread member Ant at college.

“I didn’t like him,” says Ant. “He was trying it on with a girl I had my eye on.”

“But then she got engaged to someone else, so Tom and I got together and started writing comedy. Then I met Simon at drama school and we formed Bad Bread.”

“Simon’s the musical one,” says Ant. “With silly facial hair. I look younger, so I play the females and the kids.”

“And he has the mental capacity of one too,” adds Tom.

“I take whatever roles are left over. And all the parts with glasses.”

“We did briefly have a female member in our second year, but that was short-lived,” says Tom. “Which is a shame, as he did have a fantastic pair of comedy breasts…”

Bad Bread seem to have a special relationship with members of the opposite sex.

“I love flyering in Edinburgh,” says Ant.

“Yes,” says Tom, “but he does seem to concentrate solely on flyering young women. Last year, our tech kept coming up to us before the show was about to start and say ‘I see you’ve got all the girls in again’…”

“But seriously,” he continues, “we do love the Fringe. When we first came up, we thought it might be difficult and a bit cliquey; but we quickly discovered it was the opposite – it’s one of the most open and friendly things we’ve ever done.”

This year all three boys are set for another successful run in Edinburgh with their new show.

“The Fringe is the highlight of our year,” says Ant. “Two years ago, a week wasn’t enough. Last year, neither was a month! This year, we’re doing a full run – with no days off.”

“And as long as Simon keeps working on tables to fund it, we’ll be fine.”

Bad Bread: TV Times runs from 4-28 at the Underbelly, Cowgate, 17:45. Further details are available on the Fringe website.

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