FRINGE PREVIEW – Abi Roberts Takes You Up The Aisle

Abi Roberts Takes You Up The Aisle

Abi Roberts Takes You Up The Aisle

“My first wedding was a real disaster. My husband was a sex-addict!”

“So this show’s about from me going to thinking ‘that’s it’ to meeting a man on a dating site, going out on a date with him, then having him propose five months later!”

Naturally then, musical comedy diva Abi Roberts has called her 2011 Fringe show Abi Roberts Takes You Up The Aisle.

“The title came to me immediately,” she laughs. “It was actually at my own wedding, when I was talking to friend in the evening and they asked me if I was taking a show to Edinburgh.”

“And I like double-entrendres: my previous show was called Abi Roberts Gets Her Hits Out…”

Abi’s brand of musical comedy cabaret has been compared to many comics in the past, including Bette Midler; or to the UK’s own Marti Caine – even, with her style of audience rapport, to Billy Connolly. But she has a style all of her own.

”I’m someone who does the big belters,” she says, “but with a lot of comedy too. Very Palladium in style. And some musical impressions too – my show’s very good value for money!”

This is Abi’s third solo show at the Frine, but she has done gigs and student productions many times before, including appearances as Monica Lewinsky in a 5-star Newsrevue.

“I first appeared as Mr Toad in a Swansea University production,” she recalls. “We’d frequently end up at the Wee Red Bar and the next day people would tell me I was looking a bit ill – but that was because I still had my green makeup on!”

Now popular both in America and at home, Abi sees herself as an entertainer rather than fitting into one type of genre.

“The UK seems very heavy on category,” she says, “whilst in the US, they don’t put you in a box – you’re just an entertainer.”

“For me, performing’s all about doing it for the audiences,” she says. “And it’s great that at the Fringe, so many locals are going to shows.”

“And like to think I fit into my own category – very much a case of what you see is what you get!”

And you’ll be able to see exactly what you get when you let Abi Roberts Takes You Up The Aisle from 3-28 Aug (not Mondays) at the Voodoo Rooms at 18:50.

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