FEATURE – Inside Out art project, Edinburgh

A public art project has been popping up all over Edinburgh in recent days.  The Inside Out art project seeks to highlight issues around the use of CCTV surveillance and is inspired by anonymous French artist JR. More details are available on the University website.

The portraits will remain in place throughout the Edinburgh Festival allowing everyone to seek out and enjoy them. The ones in McEwan Hall are the easiest to spot, but there are others dotted around the centre of town. We won’t spoil the fun by posting picture of them all here, but be sure to look down closes and up flights of stairs.

Update – the artwork on the stairs of Warriston’s Close has now been removed by the council for ‘health and safety’ reasons. Report on STV Edinburgh.

McEwan Hall

McEwan Hall faces

The portraits have been pasted over the building and you can see the inscriptions of the building in her face

McEwan Hall

Warriston's Close (only if you look upwards)

Because the picture is created on the vertical side of the steps, those walking downwards are unaware of the portrait behind them

The Warriston's Close picture was removed by the council after 2 days

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