FEATURE – Edinburgh takes a deep breath

Not long now

Not long now - the colourful Fringe Shop and box office on the Royal Mile

Every year at this time, we always like to imagine Edinburgh taking a deep breath.

Although the city is filled with tourists and all the year-round attractions are enjoying the height of the summer season, one thing is waiting in the wings. The Fringe.

Work is beginning all round the city centre as venues are prepared: temporary ones such as the new Assembly George Square; and permanent ones like Teviot, donning its Gilded Balloon mantle for another August season.

And don’t forget also that the National Museum of Scotland is also re-opening just days before the Fringe begins. Placed right in the heart of things, its refurbishment is bound to benefit from the thousands of people walking past every day.

But nowhere is that deep breath more palpably felt than on the Royal Mile itself. At the moment, it is quiet (relatively, of course). But in just over 2 weeks, it will be a riot of colour, energy and enthusiasm as Edinburgh once again opens its arms to the one and only Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

We took a wander round town today to get a taste of things to come ourselves – browse the photos below or click on any one to view them as a gallery.

Pillars to display flyers

These pillars will be plastered with flyers in a few weeks - and no doubt about 10 times as wide!

Gilded Balloon

Preparations outside Teviot House as it transforms into the Gilded Balloon

Assembly George Square

Whilst in George Square, the Assembly's newest venue begins to take shape in time for the Jazz Festival on 22 July

National Museum of Scotland

And let's not forget the National Museum of Scotland - opening just days before the Fringe begins

National Museum of Scotland

Not long to go now (and four days later, the Fringe begins)

C soco

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the hill, the fringe theatre hub of C soco is being built


It's mainly the 'big names' who have started flyering - soon all the other 2000+ shows will join them...!


No queues at the Fringe Box Office....yet

High St

The relative peace and quiet of the High Street before the Fringe descends on it

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