EVENT – Free Beach Tennis, Portobello Beach, 23 July 2011

Pic courtesy of London 2012

Scotland’s first ever Beach Tennis event to be held at Portobello beach

Tennis players of all ages are welcome to play in Scotland’s first beach tennis event at Portobello, on Saturday 23rd July.

Beach Tennis began as a ‘just for fun’ sport in Italy and is now being recognised as an official sport seeking Olympic status. It is similar to beach volleyball and uses a higher net and soft balls as it’s volleys only.

Courts will be created on the sand to provide players of all levels with the opportunity to play and enjoy games of beach tennis. Playing with soft balls (volleys, no bounce) and small racquets will ensure that everyone is able to control the ball so that rallies happen and fun is had.

The courts will be created on the sands near the Beach House Cafe on the Promenade. The event is free and there will be games for children and adults, making this an event suitable for all.

Here’s a YouTube clip of beach tennis in full swing.

Link to Edinburgh’s Beach Tennis on the London 2012 website.

Portobello Beach, Edinburgh

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