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The Job, The Flat, The Girlfriend

The Job, The Flat, The Girlfriend

Since forming in 2010, The Deep Red Sky have built up a steady fanbase with their multi-layered melodies and songs which smoulder with slow-burning emotion.

The Job, The Flat, The Girlfriend is their debut EP: an accomplished trio of tracks which slowly peel back their onions skin layers of textured guitar and complex structures.

Paralysed is the opener and standout track – managing to sound beautifully understated and majestically epic at the same time as the tune swirls around in a shoegazing mixture of Snow Patrol and Frightened Rabbit: a gentle sigh with an underlying murmur of menace at its heart.

I’m Not Dead is jerkier and more angular, with Jamie’s vocals taking on David Byrne at times in the chorus in a track which gathers its strength before blasting out with a passionate energy. Look On Your Face hushes down again, a lapping coda to the EP, featuring production which gives the guitars, synth and vocal harmonies the room to breathe gently upon each other.

This is a strong debut from the band: mainstream enough to have a wide appeal; yet with an alternative edge which lets them hold their own amongst their contemporaries. You get the sense that the deep red of their sky is the sunrise heralding a very promising future.

Check out The Deep Red Sky on the web, where you can sample and buy The Job, The Flat, The Girlfriend and find out more about the band.

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