REVIEW – Studio One, Stafford Street

Stafford Street

By Victoria Bamber

Variety, they say is the ‘spice of life’ an expression overused yet completely justified, especially where Edinburgh is concerned. Catering for every need and requirement, the shopping scene within the city is broad and varied, ranging from the arcades and department stores of Princes Street to the individual corners of dusty bookshops in the city’s Old Town.

One shop which appears to have struck an undeniable balance between the two is Studio One, located on Stafford Street in Edinburgh’s West End. Unobtrusive and discrete, Studio One manages to convey an air of mystery and excitement before entering, helped enormously by the shops’ positioning in a series of basements underneath a row of Georgian townhouses.

Due to the enormous range of items on offer, it’s near impossible to pinpoint a particular category which the shop can slot into, yet the eclectic mix of products is a large contributor to the overall charm and intrigue, which has given Studio One such a positive reputation city wide.  Selling a variety of books, jewellery, toys, bath products, furniture and kitchen equipment (to name but a few) the surprisingly roomy shop manages to blend together an interesting and unusual array of products from both individual designers and larger manufacturers.

One of the reasons why Studio One is perhaps so appealing is the unique way in which the shop manages to transform ‘everyday’ items found around the home. Spatulas, toasters, bookmarks and bubble bath become instant attractions, whilst marbles and wooden spinning tops from childhood modernise old, but still favourable classics. (Thankfully patient staff members don’t seem to mind too much if the phrase ‘look with your eyes, not your hands’ is sometimes overlooked.)  Studio One also offers a different take on the high street without alienating new customers or shunning loyal visitors and unsurprisingly, many an hour can be unwittingly wiled away, with new delights and surprises displayed around every corner(s).

Due to the fact that many products are handmade, designed and created the overall prices are not too scary for the average Edinburgh customer and it’s almost guaranteed one will not leave without a little ‘something’, a positive word or a return visit in mind. Excellent for gifts or a ‘pick me up’ after a bad day at the office, Studio One manages to cater to most tastes whilst seamlessly combining colourful, exciting products in an Aladdin’s cave far too addictive to visit straight after payday.

Information Studio One, 10 Stafford Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7AU

Suitable for disabled? No. Studio One is situated in a series of basements, access to the shop is down a flight of stairs. Unfortunately there is no lift available.

Studio One

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