REVIEW – A meal at the Cambridge Bar, Young Street



Does the Cambridge Bar offer the best burger in Edinburgh?

We’ve been eating burgers at the Cambridge Bar for as long as we can remember, but decided to head backnd a check that they were still one of the best to be found in Edinburgh.

With the weather cold and drizzly, we couldn’t wait to get our chops round one of their excellent burgers that they have  become so famous for.

My dining partner and I both couldn’t see past the classic burger (that comes with lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo and relish as a matter of course)  topped with melted Roquefort cheese (£7.75).  The special of the day was a lamb burger and new to their menu is a steak sandwich and with a couple of vegetarian options, there really is something for everyone. You can even have your burger without the bun and served with a choice of salad.

Food is now served until 10pm at the Cambridge and Monday-Wednesday you can ‘upgrade’ your meal to include chips and a pint of soft drink for an extra £2.50.

The burgers were freshly cooked and delivered to our table with a smile.  We couldn’t wait to tuck into the meaty 7oz  burger, but a quick peek under the roll revealed that the Roquefort hadn’t melted sufficiently.  Despite it being a generous portion of blue cheese, we both would have preferred it dripping off the exquisitely cooked chunk of Borders beef.  The burger itself left no room for complaint and the accompanying chips were served in a warm cup and hit the mark.

It was a working lunch meeting, so no alcohol passed our lips on this occasion, but the Cambridge does do an amazing selection of beers and wines which are worth a visit alone. Desserts are the of the waffles and brownies selection and all are served with Mackies ice cream.

A short hop from George Street

There was barely an empty table at lunch time as the place was full of business people, families with kids and the odd tourist or two.  The decor is a little worn and I faced a hole in the wall as I ate, but the food is most definitely good and staff welcoming

Is it the best burger in Edinburgh?  Full marks for the specially baked burger bun and for the tender meat sandwiched in between, but if you’re serving a burger with any kind of cheese,  you need to make sure it’s melted completely.  The Cambridge Bar certainly offers seriously impressive burgers with the added bonus you can now get them all day long.


20 Young Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JB

You can also find them on facebook and on twitter.  Burgers are available to take-out.

Suitable for disabled? Yes, but if you enter via Young Street and take a table there, you wouldn’t be able to access the toilets that are at the back of the premises (up a few steps).  Enter via Young Street Lane South and take one of the tables there, you will be on the same level as the bathrooms.

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