FUN – Edinburgh lies for tourists

Edinburgh lies for tourists

Parking at the Castle is easy in the summer

We’ve been known to play tricks on our readers on the 1st of April before.  Last year we reported there was to be a funicular built on the Royal Mile in August and this year, we said there would be a massive street party for the Royal Wedding complete with deep fried mars bars.

Over in our twitter stream, @Alextechedin suggested that we use the twitter hashtag #edinburghliesfortourists since London did it yesterday.

Some really funny answers coming into today:

@wrathofgod – Locals love being given multiple brochures for student plays on the Royal Mile in August

@Nickylang Barry and Ken are two popular local celebrities

@AlexTechEdin – ask for one of the pipers in the High Street if you can have a go, they are happy to show you

@tenten7 – NO restaurants in Edinburgh (esp on Royal Mile) changes prices on the menu in August

@BoogieForth1 – The cannonball shot from the one o’clock gun usually lands in the Forth just near Kirkcaldy

@Tomgoodliffe The Forth Bridge is so called because the first 3 fell down

@endless_pysch Don’t worry if you accidentally refer to the locals as English they will simply laugh it off

@endless_psych The Forth Bridge is an engineering marvel designed to open like an accordion to let tall ships through

@Charlie_Evelyn  Deep fried Christmas pudding flamed in ironbru is traditionally served on Dec 25th. If you’re here in Dec, try it.

@antibarbie – The Castle was built in 1842 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s visit to Edinburgh

@Jimmychip – You’ll be ablt to go anywhere you want on a tram in a few months

@darrenadam – Friendly and helpful parking attendants are always on hand to find you access to the city’s free, unmetered spaces

@El_duderino81 The Evening News website comments section is a well-balanced, reasonable place to gauge the pulse of the city.

@darrenadam – On a clear day, the Norwegian capital Oslo can be seen from Seafield Road

@nevali – EDINBORO is an acceptable alternative pronunciation

@josiebalfour – Driving up the Royal Mile and parking at the castle is a synch, especially in the summer

@endless_psych It is traditional to spit on any police you see near the Heart of Midlothian

@mrsCupcake79 – Local residents are thrilled by the prospect of the Royal Wedding taking place in July

@MichaelMcLeod1 – Licking the Heart of Midlothian brings good luck

@Crabbitcopy Sean Connery delivered my auntie/uncle/granny’s milk before he got famous

@AoftheLorrs – You should be right to just rock up in August and find a room

@harrietrobson – Yes I do know HAMISH, your third cousin, four times removed

@Scotfoodblog  – The Edinburgh Dungeon is witty, informative, scary and well worth the very reasonable entrance fee

@NickMitchell – Burke and Hare were a successful electro-pop duo in the early 80s

And from our facebook page:

Andy Peutherer – They take the castle down after the festival, and it has an escalator round the back.

Paddy Hare – The one o’clock gun isn’t ceremonial, its just the fifers like to try and invade the same time every day

We’ll add the best of the rest later on in the day!

If you’re on twitter, have a look at the #Edinburghliesfortourists search. Not on twitter?  We’ve asked people over on our facebook page to list theirs there.

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