FRINGE PREVIEW: The Ginge, The Geordie And The Geek

The Ginge, The Geordie And The Geek

The Ginge, The Geordie And The Geek

“We’re emphasising the fact it’s a family show: full of silliness, 80s tunes – and no swearwords.”

Graeme (the ginger one) is talking about sketch group The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek‘s hotly anticipated return to the Fringe this year, with their All New Show.

“Though there are still a few in our Best Of show…”

The last 12 months have been a whirlwind of success stories for the three performers and friends, who first met at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music And Drama, where the gingery geordie geeky magic first gelled.

“We’ve gone from playing church halls a few years ago,” he says, “to doing a charity gig with Michael McIntyre and Jimmy Carr; and appearing on Dick & Dom’s TV show in front of a live audience of 9-12 year olds.”

“That was the most nerve wracking one of the lot!”

After their first appearance at the Fringe in 2009, word of mouth quickly spread about the trio’s spot-on sketch-based comedy. In 2010, they enjoyed a string of sell-out dates and an enviable collection of stars from rave reviews.

“We just wanted to do something which everyone could enjoy,” says Graeme. “We were all fairly new to writing material, so the audiences and feedback we got were hugely satisfying.”

“We’re really looking forward to coming back with both our shows,” he says. “Hopefully people will enjoy them just as much as last time.”

We have little doubt they will. This refreshingly clean yet always hilarious group were one of our highlights of 2010 – and we’re looking forward to seeing what characters they have waiting in the wings for us this year.

The Ginge, The Geordie And The Geek appear at The Caves from 4-28 August. More details are available on the the Fringe website.

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