FRINGE PREVIEW: Sammy J: Potentially

Sammy J

Sammy J

“One of the Fringe’s skinniest legends”, award-winning comic Sammy J is back this August with a brand new solo show, Potentially.

A firm Fringe favourite since Sammy J And The Forest Of Dreams, a collaboration with puppeteer Heath McIvor, the Australian comedian’s one-man shows have proven to be just as popular.

We caught up with Sammy to hear what he’s got planned for this year.

Tell us a little bit about your show – where’s it happening, what’s it about, why should people come to see it?

My show is called “Potentially“. It’s on at 20:30 every night down at Underbelly on Cowgate and contains a collection of stories and songs gently woven together by my delicate lady hands with a cheeky narrative thread. People should only come and see it if they like stories, songs or knitting analogies.

What are you most looking forward to about coming back to Edinburgh?

I accidentally left my youngest child up Arthur’s Seat after my final show last year, so it will be great to see him. I’ve heard he’s been waiting patiently and surviving on scroggin donations from charitable tourists.

What’s been your favourite / funniest Edinburgh Fringe experience so far?

I was bombing at Late and Live last year so rather than drag my skinny arse off stage, I launched into a ten minute song about my childhood love affair with a mermaid. The mixture of hatred and confusion coming from the crowd still gives me a satisfying boner.

If money was no object, what publicity stunt would you do to promote your show?

Build a floating capsule that hovered above the Royal Mile sucking punters up at random. They would then be subjected to a three minute Youtube video featuring a sample of my work and returned to the street.

Who else are you planning or hoping to see?

My best friend Randy the puppet is doing a solo show called “Sober“. He won’t stop talking about it so I’m looking forward to seeing what all the fuss about. Plus he and I are doing another show called “Ricketts Lane” at 6pm every night. By default, I will be watching that show every night.

What do you have planned for after the Fringe?

Quit comedy, discard possessions, travel east, go into hiding, post anonymous blogs, emerge seventeen years later with a comeback spectacular, lose money due to comedy landscape having changed dramatically in my absence, die lonely.

Sum up your show in three words for us:

Potentially really enjoyable.

Thanks Sammy. We look forward to enjoying your shows at the Fringe in August. Potentially.

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