FRINGE PREVIEW – ReMarkable Arts

ReMarkable Arts

44 shows and 2196 performances - it's easy to forget this is only ReMarkable Arts' second year on the Fringe

With a large 2 meter high stage, a completely blacked-out space and raked seating connecting the ground floor to the balcony above, St George’s West will be practically unrecognisable when ReMarkable Arts open the doors on their new venue in August.

Allowing for much larger-scale and more technically complex productions than the labyrinthine Hill St Theatre – where ReMarkable Arts will still be staging over 20 shows – St George’s West promises to be a venue where some of the most intriguing and innovative shows of the Fringe take place.

Shows such as Audience and David Leddy’s Untitled Love Story play with perceptions of theatre via audience interactions and participation; and share the boards with more traditional – yet no less compelling – productions such as Pip Utton’s one-man shows or the smooth tones of The Return of The Pink Sinatra.

Artistic director Tim Hawkins has assembled a world-spanning array of talent, split between ReMarkable Arts’ two venues in the West End of Edinburgh. Acts from the UK share the spaces with performers from Australia, Brazil, Canada and Iran amongst others – as well as many closer to home, as Remarkable Arts play host to eight of the seventeen Made In Scotland productions.

Tim is keen to showcase the cabaret section of the programme: with big bands, burlesque and off-Broadway hits adding a touch of glitz and glam to proceedings. St George’s West will also play host to the Gorgeous George Cabaret Club, a late night variety show drawing acts and talent from across the Fringe.

A return for Cryptic’s critically-acclaimed Orlando and the mind-boggling multimedia Leo (from the team behind last year’s hit show Soap!) look to be two other highlights of a diverse and exciting programme which lives up to ReMarkable Arts’ vision of bringing something a little bit different to Edinburgh in August.

We’re delighted to see St George’s West open its doors to the Fringe once more; and look forward also to the unique and sometimes mysterious atmosphere of Hill Street Theatre. But what we look forward to most is the programme fulfilling what ReMarkable Arts’ promise to deliver – memorable, cutting-edge, challenging theatre which helps to define the true spirit of the Fringe.

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