La Putyka

La Putyka

Although the new circus of France may have been an initial template, Czech performers La Cirk Putyka aim to create something truly original.

And with their show La Putyka, they draw inspiration from something we don’t think we’ve not seen a circus base their performance on before: beer.

We spoke to Rosta Novák, the artistic director of La Putyka to find out more.

Please tell us a little about the show – what are its themes and inspiration?

It is inspired by the cultural poetry of beer, which has a long Czech tradition, not only can you find in literature and movies, but in the people themselves.

A pub is a place where a variety of human characters and fortunes meet, if you stare at them through a pint, then it can create interesting theatrical situations and images.

What can audiences expect – and how would you want them to feel after seeing La Putyka?

Laughter, the joy of movement, fear and a need to reflect. There is a song that is sung at the end that has deep personal meaning for me – it was written by my father when he was recovering from alcohol dependence. I think it has some value.

How did Cirk La Putyka first meet and come to decide to create the show?

It is the first performance of the company where quite a disparate group of people – professional dancers, athletes, puppeteers and actors from the National Theatre all came together.

It is the author’s theatre, where each of the actors have had an impact on the piece’s final form. The production was rehearsed in underground conditions for 8 months.

And what else have you done – either together or on their own?

I am a professional actor, playing in several theatres in Prague, but with the creation of La Cirk Putyka my little world has been turned upside down – we are trying to find new paths and combinations of the genres we enjoy.

We have created another production called UP’END’DOWN, where have we brought together other circus disciplines. Now we are expecting other premieres – a Czech-Finnish project with Circo Aereo and Maksimem Komar, and an international project with Cirk Cirkör (Sweden) and Cahin and Caha (France).

This is your first time in Edinburgh – what are you expecting from it; and from the Fringe?

Lots of performances, plenty of hard slog, a few bad performances, but also beautiful theatrical experiences.

What do you plan to do after the Fringe?

A premiere of a performance on the boundary of new circus, puppetry, a musical – one based on 4 surrealist fairy tales, beautiful Czech ones. Playing in Prague and abroad.

And taking care that Cirk La Putyka continues to create yet further and in a professional manner.

You can see what happens when the worlds of circus and beer collide in La Putyka at the Zoo Southside from 5-27 Aug. More details are available on the Fringe website.

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