FRINGE PREVIEW – Kayla Kavanagh

Kayla Kavanagh

Kayla Kavanagh

Before advances in technology, the concept of a ‘one person band’ would conjure up images of someone with a bass drum on their back and cymbals on their knees, alternating between blowing into a kazoo and mouth organ whilst trying to sing at the same time.

Fortunately (for everyone), Irish musician Kayla Kavanagh uses her expertise with all things digital to create something unique: a multi-instrument blend of modern and traditional sounds, featuring vocal looping and other effects – all performed live and without a harmonica in sight.

Kayla has appeared twice at the Fringe before, although she took a break last year to record her debut LP, Stranger Than Fiction. As well as studying music to Master’s level, the Irish soloist has even found time to learn a brand new instrument – the electronic Eigenharp – which she uses to help build up the layers of her unique and beguiling sound.

Kayla lives with Borderline Personality Disorder, a mental condition for which she has become an ambassador. She has spoken on BBC radio to raise awareness of the illness – and of the positive impact music has had on her life.

Her live performance will be aided by her producer & engineer Nigel Pease, helping her to recreate the complexity of her recorded material on stage. This year, her free show gives you the chance to hear all the richness and melodic appeal of her recorded work live as Kayla continues to forge her own, distinctive musical path on her own terms.

Kayla Kavanagh will be appearing at Room @ 34 (formerly Koko) at 19:30, 15-21 August. More details are available on the Fringe website.

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