FRINGE PREVIEW – Danny Pensive’s Map Of Britain

Danny Pensive

Danny Pensive

“I got a bit bored with young, sexy comedians telling you things you already know,” says John Cooper, creator of Welsh idiot savant character Danny Pensive.

“I started out as a geeky, awkward standup myself,” he continues, “then developed Danny. He’s deliberately unpredictable – a bit odd.”

“And I love performing as a naive character with his own sense of comic timing – ‘anti delivery‘, as Ed Byrne called it after seeing one of my shows.”

Danny Pensive has also been referred to as ‘the clever side of standup‘ and ‘like Vic & Bob meets Samuel Beckett‘.

At the Fringe this year, he will be bringing his felt tip Map of Britain to the Fringe, where he’ll be performing his one-man show at The Caves.

“It’s all about the oddness,” explains John. “In it, Danny will be telling stories about all the places in Britain he’s been, such as when he met the ninja pigeons of Brighton.”

“There will be video clips from around Britain playing on an old TV on stage too – with an appearance from Allo Allo‘s Arthur Bostrom introducing the show!”

This kind of oddness characterises John’s comedy. He first appeared in Edinburgh as part of the Free Fringe in 2008, where his ‘under the radar’ show was well received.

“It was a great personal achievement,” he says. “This time, I’ve put a lot more money and effort into it – I don’t knock out a show every year, but I know this one works.”

So why not join Danny Pensive on his virtual – and surreal – travels around Britain this August?

Danny Pensive’s Map Of Britain is at The Caves from Aug 4-28 (not 17) at 17:20. More details are on the Fringe website.

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