FRINGE PREVIEW – Chasing Dragons by Nottingham New Theatre

Chasing Dragons

Chasing Dragons

“He’s getting bigger every day!”

Dragon-builder extraordinaire Holly Wicks is talking about her progress on ‘Hector’, the puppet star of Chasing Dragons, Nottingham New Theatre’s Fringe play.

“We considered bringing him up on the train,” she says, laughing, “but he’s too big for that now.”

“Though it will be so hard to let go of him – but he’s got plenty of spare parts just in case anything happens to him. Including dentures!”

Hector features large in New Theatre’s intriguing tale of fantasy blurring with reality.

“It’s written and directed as a light piece,” says director Dan Rae-Scott. “It contains dark issues, which we know could be quite heavy, but its intended to be accessible, in a fairytale fashion.”

“It does open with ‘once upon a time’!”, says Holly. “And there are some really funny bits in it.”

“It’s really about how people never stop investing in make-believe worlds,” says playwright Adam H Wells. “The main character, a fantasy novelist named Edward, starts off as a misanthrope: a creature of his own world.”

“His naive assumptions that his own created worlds are perfect are then broken down as he continues on a voyage of self-discovery,” he says.

“It’s really a coming-of-age story – where the main character comes of age 15 years too late.”

Meet Hector...

Meet Hector...

Of course, the presence of Hector should help New Theatre promote the show when they arrive in Edinburgh in August.

“He’ll definitely be appearing on the Royal Mile,” says Dan, “and we hope to get a spot on one of the free stages there too.”

“I’m fascinated to see who the piece appeals to,” adds Adam. “It’s got a strong make-believe element to it, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it popular with families.”

“But it’s also a piece of student theatre, so I hope it will attract as wide an audience as possible.”

With an experienced, close-knit team whose belief in their creative vision is no fairytale, we expect Chasing Dragons to attract quite a bit of attention at this year’s Fringe.

And of course, having Hector roaring up and down the Royal Mile shouldn’t do the show’s publicity any harm either…

Chasing Dragons is at C soco from Aug 3-29 (not 15) at 13:05. More details are available on the Fringe website.

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