FRINGE 2011 PREVIEW – Doug Segal: I Know What You’re Thinking

Doug Segal

He knows what you're thinking - Doug Segal

With the possible exception of a show you’re actually paid to watch, it’s hard to imagine better value than a four star show at the Fringe for free.

British mind reader Doug Segal felt 2010 wasn’t a particularly great year for the recession hit events industry. Then, whilst taking some well-deserved time out in Thailand from his busy schedule of corporate entertainment gigs, he had an idea…

Now, midway through his first ever 21-date tour and with a schedule so full he can barely keep up with himself, it’s safe to say Doug and his I Know What You’re Thinking show can be described as a success.

“I’m absolutely loving it,” he says. “I was a bit cautious before it started, but now we’re having to turn people away – it’s a great experience!”

After receiving rave reviews during the Brighton Fringe leg of the tour, his shows are selling out quickly as word of his ‘mind reading with a sense of humour’ spreads.

“I do nine effects in an hour,” he explains. “With fourteen moments of astonishment and fifteen scripted jokes.”

“Not bad value!”

Especially as Doug’s show at the Three Sisters in the Cowgate will cost audience goers no more than an hour of their time. And he hopes everyone who comes along will not only enjoy the show, but have something to take away at the end of it.

“It’s not a show about me,” he says. “It’s about stripping away the curtain from some of the mind reading tricks out there: predicting the lottery, showing people how to detect lies – everyone will go away knowing how to do at least one trick.”

Having appeared on the BBC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast and peformed for the likes of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Doug either knows how to manipulate people’s minds to get what he wants; or is simply an expert performer with a funny and fascinating show which you have little excuse not to catch during its Edinburgh run.

We suspect it’s the latter – though to be honest, we’re not sure if he somehow made us say that…

Doug Segal: I Know What You’re Thinking runs from 4-13 August, 2045-2145 at The Three Sisters. More details are available on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website.

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