FRINGE 2011 – Dine and watch performances

Faulty Towers

Dine and watch performances at the Edinburgh Fringe

We love the Edinburgh Fringe at Edinburgh Spotlight, that much is clear.  We also love dining out, so were delighted to see a few dine & show performances in this year’s programme.  

A welcome return for the talented Faulty Towers trio

The excellent Faulty Towers The Dining Experience makes a welcome return to Edinburgh.  Tickets are available for both lunch time and evening performances and we can also vouch that the food at the B’est restaurant venue  is really rather good.   

Faulty Towers The Dining Experienceis a loosely-scripted, pitch-perfect tribute to Fawlty Towers, featuring all the best gags and a 3-course meal. The show starts as you wait to be seated, and it hurtles along for the next two hours as Sybil, Basil and Manuel serve the meal… Basil’s neurotic, Sybil domineering, and poor, beleaguered Manuel – of course – is hopelessly language-challenged. Everything that can wrong, does. 

4-30 August 2011 (not Friday evenings or anytime Saturdays) £38 for lunch, £43 for dinner performances. Tickets via The Faulty Towers Dining Experience website.

Dine in the Edinburgh Sky

Dinner in the Sky is making a return to Princes Street Gardens,  albeit for a shorter run this time. We loved our experience last year and urge people to try it out for themselves, especially as the ticket price appears to have dropped to a more reasonable cost.  The experience is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening drinks and is a most unusual way to experience eating in Edinburgh! 

August 12-28, tickets from £15, 30 minutes duration.  

Dine in the sky

A ‘who dunnit’ dinner at the Scottish Cafe

Mystery and Murder on the Menu at The Scottish Cafe present A Nasty Case of the Griptytes. New to the Edinburgh Fringe, the murder-mystery dinner-theatre is an interesting combination. Look forward to a hilariously entertaining evening of comedy, suspense and delicious dishes. You can sit back and relax, or involve yourself in the detective work, all while enjoying the very best Scottish ingredients in a top-quality three-course menu. Think Carry On film meets Poirot with dinner included. 6 dates only, 3 hours, £39.

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