NEWS – Edinburgh Guardian Beatblogger winds down this week

Michael Macleod

Farewell to the Guardian Edinburgh Beatblog

Ever since the Guardian Beatblog began last year, we’ve found it to be an excellent source of reliable and relevant Edinburgh news, notable for being able to get the news ‘out there’ quickly and across a number of channels.  

We enjoyed it when Tom Allan– the first Edinburgh Beatblogger – got things rolling; and equally so when Michael MacLeod took over, continuing to provide an essential community news source for the city. We met and became good friends with both Tom and Michael, and were saddened to hear the news that The Guardian have decided to close down the Edinburgh Beatblog.  

Michael received many references after the closure was announced which confirmed his enthusiasm and talent. He also volunteered at the successful Edinbuzz Social Media Surgeries. One of our favourite articles was when Michael reported an Edinburgh councillor doing sudoku during The Gathering debate.  

We’ll miss Michael’s timely updates; his round-up of local blogs and events; and his friendly and professional manner on Twitter and Facebook – and of course we wish him every success in the future!  

Michael’s last blog will be on Friday 27th May 2011.

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