NEWS – Connect Cafe at Comely Bank has new owner

Cafe Connect on Comely Bank Road

The card and coffee shop premises on Comely Bank Road (opposite Waitrose) has been taken over by Nell Nelson and we were excited at the prospect of finally having good cafe in this prime spot.

Cafe Connect is an interesting combination of people popping in for a cuppa whilst others pick up a birthday card and cute gift.

We headed along this morning for tea and cake, but were met with a poor selection of treats – chocolate krispie cakes and empire biscuits anyone?  I have nothing against these sweet stalwarts, but was hoping for slightly better home-baking from the owner Nell, a foodie through and through.

The last spare table I had my eye on from the queue was snapped up by a couple behind me as they split up whilst one remained in line to order.

Scone with no creme fraiche

I happily shared a table with a local OAP who blethered away about the Royal Wedding .  She said her coffee was good, but was disappointed in the size of her shortbread.

Plumping for a scone, (£1.75) I was unimpressed that the creme fraiche advertised on the board wasn’t available (there’s a shop opposite that’s full of the stuff ) and it wasn’t served warm.  The butter was rock hard and unspreadable, but the jam was delicious and scone very tasty.

A pot of tea for one comes in at a very reasonable £1.50 (2-3 cups) but the till service is a pain if you want to linger and keep adding to your order.  Despite sitting and reading, I couldn’t face standing in the queue for another tea and/or light-lunch. In a premises this size, I don’t why there isn’t table service (or at least the option to pay after eating)

The sandwich choices and soups  looked quite impressive at the neighbouring tables, but this place doesn’t have the food wow factor yet.  Much  improvement on the selection of cakes is needed to entice locals inside.


Cafe Connect, 153 Comely Bank Road.  Phone: 0131 315 2003

Opening hours: Mon–Sat 9am–4.30pm; Sun 11am–4pm

No changing facilities and limited room for buggies.

Suitable for disabled? Yes, it’s on ground floor level, but bathroom is too small to be accessible.

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