NEWS – Edinburgh lad scales Everest

This time he stood at the top!

Edinburgh’s Stephen Green  summits Everest

We featured local lad Stephen Green last year when he was attempting to be one of the youngest Britons to ever summit Mount Everest. 

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond his control, he had to turn back a short distance from the top.  Speaking with Stephen when he returned to Edinburgh it was obvious he was very disappointed, but glad to have returned from his trip safe and well. 

Stephen has to be one of the most genuinely nice people who we’ve ever had the fortune to interview and is also extremely modest.  After some probing on why the last attempt failed, it became apparent that it was a mix up in the oxygen tanks, leaving him with two empty ones when he needed them.  It was this mistake by someone else that prevented him from summiting, but there were no hard feelings from Stephen, he said told us,  “it was just one of those things”.   

View from his tent at high altitude

Tired and despondent he descended the mountain with his team mate Brendon but soon came across a collapsed Bangladeshi climber. The climber’s Sherpa was not able to help him on his own and this is where Stephen and Brendon noticed his oxygen tank was turned down low and had a hole in the pipe.  Stephen gave him the rest of his own water to drink and power gels which gave him enough energy to return to his feet and be escorted down the mountain to safety. 

26th May 2011

The 26th May 2011 is going to feature higly in Stephen’s memory as it was the day he stood on top of the world!  There is some information on Adventure Peaks website but to say that he’s a determined young man in an understatement as his personal facebook status the other week said that he was in a Nepalese hospital suffering from altitude sickness. 

He is recovering from his climb and promised to be back ‘online’ soon for an update.  We’re glad he’s better at climbing mountains than he is keeping his social media sites updated!  We hear a rumour that he managed to drive a golf ball off the summit – the highest golf shot ever?

Raising funds for charity

Stephen hopes to raise thousands of pounds again to split between Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK in memory of his father, Raymond, who died from cancer three years ago.  Please make a donation here, every pound helps.
Having travelled throughout Nepal and the Himalayas, I have wondered in amazement how someone could conquer anyof the peaks in conditions of below freezing temperatures and extreme windchill.   There are dangerous ice crevasses to navigate as well as coping with high altitude and the sickness that it can strike even the fittest person.  The summit of Mount Everest is the highest place on earth at 8848m and made me dizzy looking at it from a plane.  In Nepal, the epic mountain is known as Chomolungma, which means: mother goddess of the universe and has to be treated with respect.

On Everest, 2010

Further information
More information on his website, which also has his 2010 entries in the archives.  You can make a donation here and follow Stephen on twitter and like his facebook page.
Congratulations Stephen, we think you’re amazing!
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