REVIEW – Dr Bunhead, Pyromania at The Usher Hall


Dr Bunhead at the Usher Hall – Edinburgh Science Festival 9 April 2011: Pyromania

By our family review team, the McNaughtons

Helen (aged 12  3/4) says: We arrived at the Usher Hall where there were people standing giving out multi-coloured glasses and glow sticks. When you first looked though the glasses you could see loads of different colours of light.  Alex loved them so much he wore them all the time we were waiting to get in.

When the doors finally opened we managed to get near the front and what a great mistake that was.  (If you don’t like loud bangs the front isn’t for you.) With lots of noise and large bangs the show got off to a great start, and there was much more to come.

The theme of the show was fire. Dr Bunhead explained the science of fire in ways all ages would find both amusing and interesting. He shows you little things are more flammable than bigger things using iron and iron filings as an example.

There were lots of funny bits too, like sending a hamster into space using a rocket launcher and rocket fuel (no real hamsters were harmed in the show so don’t worry!!).

We saw Dr Bunhead before at the Edinburgh Fringe. We knew we were in for a treat the second time because we enjoyed it so much when we saw him in the summer.


Alex ( aged 9) says: Everything in the show just goes BOOM! I really liked it when Dr Bunhead set his head on fire using hydrogen bubbles! When someone from the audience came up to help pop balloons full of gas it was very LOUD and exciting.  I’d like to see Dr Bunhead again because he’s just amazing.

I’m still wearing my FX Spex Rainbow Glasses because when you look through them everything goes multi-coloured.

Susan (mum) says:  Dr Bunhead is able to engage the audience using a mix of comedy, science and fun.  He has everyone on the edge of their seats as not every experiment goes to plan and this adds to the excitement of any show.  With a mix of serious science stuff and pure fun, he always puts on an exciting show and we wondered if the Usher Hall really knew what they were letting themselves in for with so many flames and bangs going off on stage.  It is a large venue, and wasn’t full for the evening performance, but we’re sure everyone in the audience had a great time.

The effect of putting our rainbow glasses over the iPhone while photographing the spiral staircase in the Usher Hall

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