FEATURE – Stone designs appear on Arthur’s Seat

We took a stroll in the lovely weather this afternoon to the top of Arthur’s Seat. It’s a walk we do often, but today we noticed that there was a collection of stone circles on the ground below us.

Perhaps they started by one person creating their name in stones for a photo and they’ve organically grown – or perhaps it was done overnight by several mysterious stone-designers?

Whatever the reason, it’s a lot of fun and makes walking to the very top an even more worthwhile experience.

A cow design

An overview of all the stones

A detailed bagpiper and India

A smiling face

A boat design

Love sign

Ground level view of piper, complete with stone kilt!

Ground level view of cow

Antipodean flag

September 2013 update

We’ve been up Arthur’s Seat several times since publishing the above picture, but there haven’t been many stone designs until today.

Smiley face

Stone words

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