NEWS – Festival performances head west

We love the Festival season and are already excited about this year’s in August!

With our coverage last year, we made loads of great contacts and we’ve started meeting with some and can’t wait until we’re able to tell you some of the exciting acts planned for this year.

Yesterday, however, we learned of some news that surprised us. We knew that some of the venues from last year (most notably The Assembly Rooms on George Street) aren’t being used this year, but we hadn’t heard that over 75% of festival performances are actually going to be taking place in Glasgow!

Though the news came as a bit of a shock, when it was explained to us we understood the logic behind it. With Edinburgh’s venues already packed to breaking point, it makes sense to make use of all the performance spaces and theatres in the west. And, by doing so, the organisers hope to tap into a whole new audience which should give ticket sales a massive boost into the bargain.

We’d already blocked out the entire month of August in readiness for the festival – and we’re now discussing how best to cover things across the two cities. Alison is researching Glaswegian delicatessens and cafes; whilst Keith has already started to develop a slight limp, claiming travel of any distance more than 2 miles is virtually impossible.

We’ll be meeting with organisers again this afternoon, and plan to bring you full details of this latest development later.

Festival performances to head to Glasgow

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