FEATURE – Adam Bojelian, The Blinking Poet

Adam in training with windswept hair

“In The Blink of an Eye”

Adam Bojelian is an amazing young Edinburgh lad.  Not only is he a gold Blue Peter badge winner, he is an amazing poet who also plans to raise money by riding his tricycle for Contact a Family.  

The eleven year old first came to our attention after Emily Dodd from Greener Leith had blogged about him on their website.  

Adam is unable to speak or write with a pen. He blinks to spell words creates wonderful poems.  

He’s received messages of congratulations for his work from Alex Salmond, David Cameron and even the Queen!   

We love seeing his updates through his social media channels and how he’s excited about moving into a main stream school for the first time.  

At the time of writing, Adam has 46 days until his bike ride on 28th May 2011.  As you can imagine, the ride will take quite a bit of effort on Adam’s behalf, so it would be great if the people of Edinburgh could spare a wee bit of cash for this inspirational boy.  You can sponsor Adam’s tricycle ride by making a donation here.  

You can find Adam’s page on facebook and follow him on twitter.   

We particularly like his Charlie poem which is from a couple of years ago, but still of an amazing standard considering he was only 9 at the time.  

My name is Adam and I am nine,  

And I own the smartest, funniest dog in town,  

His name is Charlie and he is a clown.  

He is small and white with a waggy tail,  

Two sticky up ears and an eye patch of brown.  

Round and round my room he’ll race,  

Wagging his tail and licking my face,  

Shaking wet fur all over the place.  

“Oh Charlie” mum cries  

“Your muddy paws all over the floor.”  

And Charlie darts straight out of the door,  

Only to return when the coast is clear.  

Beside me he lies whether I’m poorly or well,  

He is as wise as can be and I’m sure he can tell,  

Nudging and pawing to snuggle away,  

Close up beside me, he’ll stay there all day. 

Adam the poet

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