DAYTRIP – A climb up Berwick Law, North Berwick

Panoramic views over North Berwick

We do love to be beside the seaside and a trip to North Berwick beckoned over the long Easter weekend.  It’s a beautiful town with several attractions and beaches worth visiting, but the purpose of this visit, was to climb to the top of Berwick Law which stands at a modest height of 187m/615ft

Blessed with good weather, we parked at ‘The Law’ car park (which is well sign posted around town) and just off the B1347. This walk can also be done from the town centre, but of course, adds to the total length. Walking Scotland gives a detailed description of this excellent 1hr long walk.

Start of climb to summit

We stuck to the main path as other routes up can be very steep and sometimes slippy.  After 10 minutes of walking this circular route to the top, we were afforded wonderful views west to Edinburgh where we could make out the shape of Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle.  There are plenty of rest stops on the way up, but after 20 minutes, we had reached the summit and started to soak in the panoramic views.

Berwick Law is a volcanic lump and the stone building at the summit was erected in 1803 as a signal station during the Napoleonic Wars.

There has been a whale’s jaw bone at the top of Berwick Law since 1709 but years of buffeting by the wind saw the jawbone become unsafe and it was removed in 2005.  A replica was winched into place by helicopter 3 years later in 2008 after being funded by ‘friends of North Berwick’.

Bass Rock can clearly be seen from the summit, as can the other Firth of Forth islands.  Look east and Tantallon Castle can be spotted and rolling farmland to the south.

We sat at the top for a good 20 minutes with our snacks and water before taking the same route back down.  Total walking time was 40 minutes (medium-fast pace) but the whole climb took longer due to photo stops.

Bass Rock and North Berwick below

The replica jawbone

Remains of St Baldred's Chapel

Boat heading out to Craigleith and North Berwick harbour area

Wonderful views of North Berwick and its beaches

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