REVIEW – The Confidant, Traverse Theatre (A Play, A Pie & A Pint)


Returning home drunk on alcohol and victory, revolutionary party member Joe (Jon Morrison) is keen to continue his celebrations with his wife Carmen (Lori McLean) in Sacha Kyle’s The Confidant, adapted from Gilberto Pinto’s original Venezuelan by Alan Bissett.

Set in the couple’s bedroom, the piece focuses on their relationship and the strains put upon it by recent events. Is Joe the man who Carmen fell in love with; or has his ambition betrayed not only his own ideals, but also their marriage?

McLean and Morrison put in strong performances, emphasising the conflict between the couple as seeds of doubt sown by possible corruption begin to grow. Morrison’s performance is particularly impressive as the drunken bravado gives way to the more sobering reality he is forced to face.

Although some of the  points are treated a little heavily at times by Bissett’s script, The Confidant is a powerful piece which peels away its layers of political pride and prejudice to reveal the vulnerability of the human relationships beneath.

Further information and booking details are available on the Traverse website.

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