Free golf on Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh

Oldest short hole golf course in the world

Play on the world’s oldest short hole golf course for free

A wonderful free activity to do all year round is to play golf on Brunstfield Links. Believed to be one of the oldest sites of golf (pre-dates 17th century), the short hole course was founded in 1895.

Situated south of Melville Drive, there are two courses available to play on. A summer short 36 hole course (open end of April to September) and a 9 hole winter course (open October to end of April).

Free golf

Free golf

Start your game on the 36-hole summer course from alongside the Barclay Church / Golf Tavern.

Pasture Golf state you must follow the rules of the Bruntsfield Links which are as follows:

1) Playing each hole from the tee areas
2) Replacing any displaced turf (divots, not just your own, all over the course, particularly the tee areas.
3) Repairing golf ball plugmarks on the putting greens.
4) Keeping a watchful eye open for anyone: – a) causing willful damage to the course, b) damaging/stealing the flag pins, c) not playing in accordance with the Course Rules, e.g. playing over paths, and to politely advise them accordingly.

You must also adhere to the rule that “no player shall play his or her ball across any footpath or road”.

Permanent maps explaining courses are available

Playing on the course is free, so just take a long your own clubs and balls.  Should you need to hire equipment, visit the Golf Tavern on the edge of the links and hire them from behind the bar. You can hire clubs and balls for £3.50 (April 2015)  which is very reasonable, plus they do a great range of offers to play, eat and drink (pitch and pint £6)

This Bruntsfield Links course is not to be confused with the golf course situated at Barnton with the same name.

You can play all year round, but adhere to the rules

The Golf Tavern

Credit: The Golf Tavern

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