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Healthy cakes come to Edinburgh

Healthy gluten-free cakes have arrived in Edinburgh

It may seem too good to be true, but ‘healthy’ cakes have well and truly arrived in Edinburgh.  Love Pure Cakes offers a delightful range of gluten and wheat-free cakes suitable for those with various food intolerances or for those that just wish to eat cake guilt-free.     

Love Pure Cakes is the brainchild of Lorna Pellet, the former owner of Patisserie Florentin and has seen her return to the food industry with style.      

Chatting with Lorna over coffee, her passion for cakes is evident.  “I absolutely love my job” she declares before churning out many reasons on why she doesn’t mind getting up early to bake every morning.  On questioning her on how the cakes are healthy, she tells us “we use fresh ingredients and organic stone ground flour, organic eggs, organic butter and organic raw cane sugar”.  She continues “where possible, we cut back on the sugar by using fresh fruit juices with natural sweetener, without ever compromising on taste”.  You can read more about the unusual ingredients here.     

Carrot and Wheatgrass Cake

The cakes are proving very popular with Edinburgh people so far, with a variation of the gluten free, wheat Free, vegan, dairy free, egg free, flour free, reduced sugar, reduced fat options flying out the doors of current stockists Loopy Lorna’s and Earthy Foods. A range of cakes and muffins are soon to be stocked at the family favourite in Ocean Terminal – Molly’s Play Centre.  

Parents can sigh with relief as they relax with a slice from the Love Pure Cake range as their children play. That is, until they come to re-fuel on healthy creations such as carrot cake and assorted muffins themselves.  

“Food artistry for the soul”

Slightly skeptical of how good a carrot and wheatgrass cake can actually taste, we dive straight into a slab and would never have known it was gluten and wheat free. There is no compromise on taste here. The cake is moist throughout, full of flavour and a sure-fire hit with the tasters. Lorna is keen to point out that the mileage from oven to plate is as short as possible, ensuring that the cakes are delivered to the stockists in perfect fresh condition and with a low carbon footprint.  

Bakewell slice, heaven on a plate

It’s clear that an abundance of love goes into making each cake, with a lot of experimentation along the way. “I feel like Heston Blumenthal at times” she tells us, “my kitchen is one big cake laboratory, always trying out new recipes and getting the consistency right.” Lorna is currently working on a new dairy-free cake and perfecting more vegan recipes. “I will cater for any one’s needs, I just want everyone to enjoy cake suitable for them”.  You can see a range of cakes offered here.
The cakes are currently undergoing a series of tests to work out their exact food and calorific content to back up the statement that they are indeed healthy.  “I’m working with a nutritionist  so that we can demonstrate that some of the cakes include one of your five-a-day recommendations.”      

Moving onto  a piece of Bakewell tart, we devour it far too fast.  Not only is the cake visually appealing, it’s also deliciously light with a nutty almond flavour and a perfect jammy centre.  You can taste the quality of the ingredients hidden within, in fact, this cake couldn’t get any better.     

Cakes that are good for you?  Count us firmly in.     



You can check out the Love Pure Cakes website and find them on facebook and on twitter. You can also subscribe to Lorna’s blog and be kept up to date with all things Love Pure Cake.     

You can order whole cakes from Lorna via her stockists, or phone her to discuss your requirements.  

Lorna bakes out of Catherine Di Placido’s premises in Queen Street.

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