DAYTRIP – A walk around Linlithgow Peel (loch)

We’ve been taking advantage of the lovely Spring weather recently and ventured outside Edinburgh earlier this week to take a lovely stroll around Linlithgow Loch.  The real name of this area is Linlithgow Peel, but people often refer to it as the loch and it’s also where Linlithgow Palace is situated.

Map of Linlithgow Peel

There are plenty of information boards dotted around the 2.3 mile walk and a couple of maps.  It’s really up to you where you start since the walk is circular, but the South side (Castle side) is a smoother path and more suitable for buggies and wheelchairs.

We started by Linlithgow Palace and walked anti-clockwise to avoid facing into the sunshine.  The whole circuit at a leisurely pace takes around an hour, but on beauitful sunny days, you may want to stop to take a break on one of the several benches and enjoy the magnificent views.

Looking back at St Michaels and Linlithgow Palace at the start of the walk

There were several people out walking their dogs, parents exercising with prams and cyclists even though it was a weekday morning.  A cheery ‘good morning’ goes a long way here as the chances are they’re doing a circuit walk as well and you’ll bump into them further on.

East end of the loch

Lots of swans, ducks and other wildlife

Looking at the Palace from the North side

Horses are allowed to ride on the North side, so don’t get a fright if you see some headed your way. 

There are several information boards at this side of the loch and is also perfect for spotting some of the rarer birds that visit the area.

Path on the North side

As you return to the South side, the area is busier with children feeding the ducks and you can continue straight to the Palace from the loch walk.  Admission charge applies for Linlithgow Palace.

This is an excellent walk that can be done at any time of the year.  In summer, the route is incredibly green and in winter, the loch sometimes freezes as pictured below.

View from Linlithgow Palace in winter.

There are many places to eat in and around the main street of Linlithgow but we like So Strawberry for toasties, baked potatoes and home-made cake.

Make sure you have a look at St Michaels whilst in the area and see the controversial 1964 aluminium crown which replaced the crumbling original tower.

St Michaels

Suitable for disabled?  The walk is partially suitable for wheelchairs, with a couple of steep inclines to negotiate.  There is unfortunately a gate which is not accessible on the East side and the North side is a rough path.  Best to stick to the North side close to the Palace and walk clockwise until the path roughens and then return.

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